Wednesday, November 10, 2010

On my shopping list . . . What's on yours?

How many shopping days till Christmas?  Is that something your thinking about?  Have you begun your shopping?  Are you one of those what's it called "Black Friday" shoppers?      

Or maybe planning some online shopping.  Maybe you need some ideas. 

Today I want to share something I discovered through an email from a B&B Media Group.  They have offered some really good books for review.  Today they shared this.

This is only one of the beautifully framed prints offered.
Here's the description from their website.

Heaven on Earth
Artist: Ron DiCianni
Children, it seems, more than most adults want to know the details about Heaven. Will there be trees? How about food and things to drink? Will we really be able to walk with the lions and tigers that now are seen only in cages at the zoo, safely away from eating us? Will there be sports in Heaven, or will it be one long church service?
When a child thinks of Disneyland, he is excited. When he thinks of our description of the North Pole, there is surely a leap in his imagination and wonder. But we have done a poor job of relating that Heaven will leave those fictional places in the dust. What God is preparing is beyond comprehension as to its excellence. Maybe a visual reminder will help them to finally realize that the best is yet to be! Isaiah described that one day:
“The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.”
Can we ask for more than that? However it is pretty certain that description is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when we finally experience Heaven on the new Earth that God has promised to create!

I visited the site there are some really nice pieces.  And they have books too.  Here's a little more info. from the site about the books they offer:
Each of these books represents collaboration between our artist’s and some of the best author’s in the country. Including Art by Ron DiCianni and writings by Jerry Jenkins, Max Lucado, Randy Alcorn and many more, each of these books masterfully lays out the truths of God in stories that children and adults can both enjoy. Most of the books on this list are bestsellers and all of them are designed to bring the reader closer to God and His Son, Jesus Christ.
Here's the link to the website.

Here's a suggestion when you visit there. 
. . .When our children were young we were like most young families in that we spent a lot of time decorating our home.  One of the things that we really liked was artwork/prints.  We purchased some really nice pieces.  A couple of those happened to be prints that depicted Christmas scenes.  We had no long term plans we just really liked them.  When our son married that first Christmas I got out the prints and I realized one print in particular reminded me of them.  I didn't think much more about it and then when our daughter became engaged I realized what was going on with these two prints.  Each print was perfect for each of them.  And so that year each  main gift was the print.  They were both really surprised that we gave them these family treasures. 

. . . So does this give you any ideas for Christmas.  Go over and visit
Tapestry Productions.
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