Monday, November 29, 2010

Mission 4 Monday Quilts and more Quilts

Today for Mission 4 Monday I thought I would share a few archived photo's of quilts made at Mission Makeover.  I was looking for blue to post for Blue Monday over here.  So I thought I would share them for Mission 4 Monday too.
 This great dining room table is where much of our ministry happened.  Each week day afternoon this table was filled with boys and girls.  We learned very early in the ministry that the meal that the kids got to eat with us that evening was the best meal most of them had in a long time.  So instead of sandwichs we prayed God would provide meals.  And he did!  Every evening we served a home cooked meal.   Most days the boys and girls ate seperately.  But occassionally depending on the group and the devotional we were doing we would all eat together as one big family.

And now on with the blue quilts!
 These are just a few examples of the hundreds of quilts that we produced.  I especially liked the combo of blue and orange. 
All the fabric was donated.  Some of it was quilt quality some was not.  I figured out a way to use the less desirable fabric and we began making pillowcases.  I have a couple made from polyester fabric and I love them. 
We always made simple straight line sewing so the girls could feel the accomplishment of finishing the project very quickly.
And, now I want to share how you can help our ministry without spending a dime!
Yes you can.  All you have to do is sign up at Good Search and instead of using google us this search engine.  It is powered by Yahoo and is completely safe.  I am now using it all the time.  But I know it is hard to make a change.  And so if you would consider just a couple of searches a day it would help us out. 
Need more info. about our ministry.  Here's the links.
Mission Photo's is where you can find the  archived photo's.
Automissionmakeover is our blog with current photo's and programs. 
And our website is here
Check us out and then check out Good Search!
GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

Ready now to start GoodSearching and helping out Auto Mission?  Just click here and where it asks if you want to help a charity type in Auto Mission Bedford Texas.
It really is simple and it will really help us out.  And, after you start Good Searching you can also Good Shop and a % of your purchases will be donated to the ministry too.  Check it out!
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