Tuesday, December 22, 2009

thankful Thursday on Tuesday . . .

This seems like De ja vu . . .
I think I wrote a Thankful post last Tuesday or was it the one before. Anyway. I wanted to do a shout out and Praise God for some answers.

And some Praises and it makes me want to . . .

This is a video we shared on Sunday.

Our son in love lost his job the middle of October. He starts training for a new job today! Praise God. Everyone kept telling him not to expect to find anything till the first of the year.
They have been in thier house (a rental) since April so don't have much relationship with the landlord but he told them just before the first to lower the rent by $200.00 this month!

God is so faithful to take care of us and give provision.

My other huge Praise is for our ministry. God continues to Bless.

We began Chapel services in September at a drug and alcohol treatment facility for boys. It is part of our states Juvenile Prison sytem.

Let me tell you friends when you pray that God will use you may be really surprised where he puts you. I don't know anything about this environment. I don't know much about boys.
And I really know nothing about drugs and alcohol.

But, I have never once felt out of my element. We were leaving the facility yesterday and I was suggested that I don't go on Wednesday because I have so much to do. (We will be taking some of the boys to deliver Chirstmas meals) And my Cowboy said to me "They really enjoy you being around." I kind of blew him off. And said something about them just being nice to me. But what he said next got me to thinking. "No really your the only mom/grandmother". . .
Oh thanks this is great. . . I want to be the jammy fun adult and they look at me like a grandmother. What a minute I am not old enough to be thier grandmothers!

But I realized he was right.

I really am the only female that is there regularly. There are a couple of other ladies that come with thier husbands ocassionally and they mentor certain boys. But I am the only one that is there two or three times a week. We work with different groups with each of the programs we provide so we get to know almost all 48 boys.

And I am Blessed. I am Blessed to do Chapel every Sunday. We are beginning to have a regular group of 6 or 8 boys. And usually about 5 or 6 new ones every week.

And I am thankful. I am thankful God is using me and that he is so much smarter than I am because I never would have ever imagined being where I am.

I pray that whoever is reading this will be encouraged to answer God's call. No matter where you are or what season your in God has a place for you to serve him. Your service may be the blog your writing now. You may be encouraging me and others through the words you are writing. Your service may be raising a pre-schooler and teaching him God's ways. But even while raising a pre-schooler God can use you to touch someone elses life. It might only be through a cheerful shopping trip. Believe me grandmothers like myself notice the mommies that are happy with their children during a trip to Walmart or Target. And we all notice the ones that pay no attention to thier children and let them act up or ignore thier needs.

Don't ever think your 'Just a mommy' or 'Just a grandmother' because given the chance
God can use you to be a Jammin' mom or Grandmother.

And when you let him you'll start Stompin' too.

Merry Christmas


Denise said...

I enjoyed this, love you.

Linda Stubbs said...

I am just getting to see some of the blogs that signed up for my little Nativity Giveaway. You never know sometimes how our posts might touch someone else. I just read your post here and my faith was strengthened. We have been farming for 30 plus years. It belonged to my husbands Daddy. Anyway we will not be farming in a big way anymore. We are looking for other employment and this post helped me believe that he has a place for us. We loved working together as a family and we are asking the Lord to use us in some way for His glory. Please join us if you don't mind. I love your heart!!!!!! God is so good!.

Blessings and Merry CHRISTmas
Prairie Flower

Kaye Swain said...

What a wonderful ministry God has given you to encourage and teach these young ones! Isn't it exciting to be used by Him!!! :) Christmas blessings to you all. :)