Monday, December 14, 2009

On being a whiner . . .

This is what I am whinning about. I need a kick in the _____. I have been writing and posting about the reason for the season. And I have been trying to encourage everyone that stops here to remember the needy, to remember all the things we need to be thankful for. To focus on the meaning of Christmas.
And yet with all those good intentions I find myself a little depressed, annoyed, frustrated. And yes if I were to really think about it I am probably somewhat angry.
The other day I went shopping with my mother who was going to loan me $16.00 for a tree that was on sale at Big Lots. We got there and found it was a 3 foot tree. The 6 foot tree was $20.00.
I became a 52 year old whinner. I told my mother and I quote: "This is the woman that used to have a tree in every room. " Yes a tree in every room. My kids had a 4 foot tree in thier bedrooms. There was a 6 foot in the living room. A 6 foot in the master. A 12 foot in the family room. A 3 foot on the kitchen counter.
That was then. This is now.
And I am whinning. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I guess you can tell by the way that I have decorated in the past. But this year it is different. When we moved last year we weren't able to take and keep a lot of things. All my outdoor decorations and trees were left behind because we just flat ran out of time during the move.
Today I have a toddler helping me decorate the tree for our living room. And even though I wish I had a bigger tree. Even though I wish I had more than one. In fact the tree we are decorating is a small tree that I had in the baby's room decorated with horse lights. But this afternoon when he wakes from his nap I am getting out all the decorations and I might end up with most of the ornaments in a clump but. I have a feeling it will be the prettiest tree ever.
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