Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Put a lid on it....

There is a photo of this weeks giveway on the sidebar or you can read yesterdays post.

Sometimes I wonder where you guys creativity comes from? I read so many great blogs just look at my sidebar and my followers there are some great writers out there. And ideas wow all those awards that go around and the meme's and the carnivals.

Well I am not a creative person. My creativity comes from others most of the time. I am being totally open and honest here. I am a copy cat. There I said it. Whew. I am glad that is off my chest.

I am remombering a verse we studied Sunday in Galatians it talks about holding each other up. Helping each other and bearing thier burdens. But it also talks about when a brother or sister is caught in sin to restore them gently. (Glatians 6:1 NIV)

Like I said I admit it I am not really very creative. But I am good and learning from others. I am a very visual learner so I guess that is why I enjoy blogging so much because I love looking at all of the pictures of peoples homes and the projects they are working on and the quilts. I spend many hours looking a pictures of quilts and dreaming of getting back into my sewing room again.

So, I have admitted my habit (date I use the s. word) of looking and borrowing (clearing my throat here) your ideas and your wondering what does Putting a lid on it have to do with being a copy cat? Well if you go over to Rachel's she has suggested the funnest thing today to make your home a sanctuary. Her blog is one of my favorite places to visit.

She reminds, encourages and inspires everyday. If you are struggling at being a Proverbs woman or you aspire to be a Titus 2 woman then follow me over visit Rachel she inspires me and well I get a lot of ideas from her. We'll just call it inspiration. What do you say?

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BTW the white container on the top shelf is filled with mismatched lids. And in case your wondering they make great toys.
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