Thursday, May 15, 2008

Waitin' on Baby Zane and Take me out to the Ballgame

I moved Baby Zane's count down to the top of the page. We are going to the doctor this morning. She has been having contractions for a couple of days so we should be having a baby soon. Cowboy grandpa predicted it would be last night because we have some storms again. He figured that since horses are born in storming weather that human babies are too. And actually I have heard that is the case. But last night wasn't the right storm I guess.

I wanted to share what I did yesterday here is a photo of what I ate!

Yes we went to the ballgame and it didn't rain. It clouded over and cooled us down for a bit but no rain. The Rangers played hard and entertained but in extra innings finally lost it. But the girls had a blast. I took my book bag filled with baby wipes, paper towel, sunscreen, beef jerkey, sun flower seeds and the camera. I took a bunch of photo's but I can't post them because we aren't allowed to post photo's of the girls. I told them not to make fun of the lady with the "mommy bag". They didn't they thought it was cute. They loved being with us and away from the halfway house. Two of the girls had never been to a game. After a few minutes of instruction one of them figured it out and kept a commentary going the entire game.
Although it actually wasn't all you can eat day it was $1.00 hotdogs so they filled up on hotdogs and spit sunflower seeds. It was an awesome time. I was Blessed to be able to be with them and experience the fun.

And now today I am spending the day w/ my daughter. We'll be "Waitin' on Baby Zane"
Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today and checking out my trash to treasure project. Some times I am just amazed at what I come across and can do with it when I am done. I had a chuckle about last nights storm must not have been the storm for the baby to come. It is so true about farm animals they always pick the worse nights to have Again thanks for stopping by.