Thursday, May 22, 2008

Porch Project Thursday Edition Leave a comment for the Giveway!

I know I promised a photo of the beds around the eyesore porch but this isn't it.
It is though from a wonderful Word Filled Wednesday. Last night I was looking at every one's post and found this and I just coveted this yard. Not really but I really do like it ALOT! It was found on Kelleys blog over at

I read her blog and here is something that she said about changing up her blog and layout. "Just like I was able to change what I didn't like about my blog look and
layout, we are able to trade our sins and imperfections for the beauty and grace found at the foot of the cross."

I was impressed with these words. Many people have a hard time bringing the Bible and God's teaching to life in this world. To some the Bible and it's teachings are old or obscure not pertaining to life now. To many of the kids that I work with it is just flat confusing to relate to them.

Thank you Kelley for your interpretation and for putting into words these thoughts. They Blessed me and I think they will Bless others.

And I really do love the way this yard looks. Especially the old bicycle.
Here's more of the challenge to the whole porch issue. The wall is approximately
3 feet away from the door and just about 3 feet high. It doesn't leave room for a chair. I guess you could put one on an angle but the height of the wall would make it hard to see.

I am playing around with the idea of a birdcage on something tall. And then maybe some birdhouses attached to the wall maybe around the window. I have some wonderful birdhouses that my father made and a butterfly house too. Maybe a butterfly bush complementing the house.

The bed on the west side has canna's I don't particularly like the blooms on them but I love the foliage. It is tall and pretty. (if I can keep the grasshoppers away) Below them is an awesome filler that this year is growing really high. It is called lemon balm. It is low maintenance which is what I need. I wish it would cover the entire expanse. On the far end of the house are two sweet potato vines that are growing much slower than I want. LOL.

I do have a pot filled with begonias on either side of the walk.(in the bed) They give some color and a little height to the beds. There are daffodils in the border of the bed so their foliage is still there at least for a while.

Here's one more idea . . .

Since I have an abundance of fabric and time (LOL on the time part) I was thinking something like this on the wall. Possibly making it look like an old window. Or use an old window as a frame. I can't afford a birdcage like I was talking about or a silk ficus or anything tall right now but I thought something like this with flowers and or birdhouses to go with the them.

These are my thoughts and ideas. Any one have anything to add? Please leave a comment and I'll put you in my drawing. I think you will love the prize!
Have a Blessed Thursday and see you all for Show and Tell tomorrow.

BTW . . . Kelley and I have one more thing in common we both cried last night for the same reason. David Cook is the American Idol! Yea David!

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Kelley said...

Hi Sherry,
Thanks for all of your kind words and encouragement. You never know what is going to touch someone or speak to them but I love how God uses us in that way! You have a great blog, good luck with the porch decorating, I will be anxious to see how it all turns out!