Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tackling Tuesday

Today I tried to tackle some things that needed to be done. At the top of the list was cleaning the kitchen which I didn't do yesterday. I had gone to Austin over the weekend and realized that everytime I go there I come back with a cold or allergies or something. I spent most of yesterday laying around and getting nothing accomplished except drinking water and juice. This crud started Sunday on the drive home with a sore throat, then proceeds to a cold and now it is a cough. I seem to get this twice a year. Once in the spring. Once in the fall. I don't really know if the weekend in Austin had anything to do with it or not.

Today I am feeling better but didn't get much more than the kitchen clean before I cooked supper and made another mess which will have to wait now till tomorrow night.
It is a never ending battle.

I won't be posting tomorrow because we have to do the food pantry and then we are taking 5 girls from the halfway house to a Rangers game. They will have fun. I will watch them have fun and hope that it doesn't rain. Which it usually does if I go to a game.
If I don't get to post before we leave to go to the game please run over and visit Amy at and see her wonderful Wordfilled Wednesday.
Have a great day tomorrow.
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