Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Porch Project & Giveway Tues.edition

The "Welcome" mat is out. Please come by this week and visit my porch project.
I need your ideas to tidy up and beautify this eye sore! Every day this week I will be posting another photo of the porch and also some photo's of lovely porchs and gardens that I wish were mine!

This week will end Sunday with a fun give a way. So please stop in and leave me a comment or a suggestion and link back especially if you have a lovely porce or garden area. Maybe I can just look at yours and wish it was mine too!

Here is one more shot of the porch the way it is now.

I always keep a rug by the porch but you will see that it is usually not flat and smooth. That is because our porch faces the north and it is always, always windy. In fact many times the glass door has almost been taken off the hinges.
To the right of the door is a decorative stepping stone. One of three that I would like to incorporate. They are all bunnies. (read through my archives and check out my Easter post and you'll see why!) Originally they were in really pretty flower beds in a previous home. (I'll have to post some photo's so you can see I can have pretty beds.)

I hope everyone enjoys there day and oh BTW way this is my Tackle it Tuesday project too. I am working on the beds. I'll post more later.

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Addicted to Beadz said...

Hey Sherry,

I came over here to give you the info on the Quilts and I saw your porch dilemma. In front of my door I have a wrought iron door mat. The wind wouldn't blow it away and you can still wipe your feet on it.

You could also put a small bench in this small area or a wrought iron chair. I guess I'm into the iron stuff. I have several pieces of that.