Monday, May 26, 2008

Closed doors and open windows

Many times we talk about God closing doors and opening windows for us. This week we are prayfully asking God to reveal to us his plan for our future.

On Friday just before the birth of our new grandbaby we received word that we must move within 2 weeks.

For the past 5 years we rented (for very little) an amazing 5 acreas. Last year we took over another 5 acreas as the neighbors next door to us moved. God has blessed us for these past 5 years.

A little over a year ago it got to the point that we were unable to pay rent. My husband and I serve the Lord full time by managing, directing and running a mission program for at-risk teens.

God Blessed us with an amazing landlady that allowed us to manage her other rental properties in lieu of rent.

All the time we have lived here we have known that our property was for sale. The owners intend to either sell or develope it themselves. As I mentioned on Friday we got the info. that they have received all the final approvals form the city and within two weeks they will bull doze our house.

So...we are looking for a new place to live.

We know that God will provide the right place.

Over the last few months it has been harder and harder for us to pay to take care of our horses. We now must sell them or find new homes for them.

I am mostly sad for them because we have had them since our children (that are now adults and parents themselves) were pre-teens. And, I truly believe that it was the horses and the family activities that surrounded them that kept our kids going on the path that God wanted for them.

The next couple of weeks I will be spending all my time packing. In many ways I look at this as a good thing. We will slim down and get rid of things we should have a long time ago. LOL. But it is bittersweet.

We begin a new chapter. We wait. We trust God. Because we know that all things work together for good.

Please pray for me and my cowboy as we seek his will. Please pray that we will know where God wants us to be and that he will open "windows" for us.

We are Blessed. We smile. We continue to "serve him" and the best Blessing of all is our new grandbaby. Did you see is photo yesterday? Well in case you didn't here's one.

I know it is a little hard to see him here. But I just think it is the sweetest photo of him and daddy. I took some more wonderful photo's today and I hope to post them tomorrow on Zanes blog. You can visit it at

Have a Blessed week.

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