Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tweak It Tuesday I am bored with my mantle

I am already, ready to change the mantle . . .
I get bored so easy.  I haven't even really shared this one with you.
So now it's time!  Because I am bored with it and ready to change.

It needs some fem, chic,chippy, whitness I am a thinkin'.

Take a look what do you think? 

My Cowboy calls it Shabby Chuck . . .

A few of the elements . . .

Vintage framed Texas Flag, Texas Ranger and Revolver shadow box purchased in Longmont, Colorado.  When we missed living in Texas.   
The tallest white candle is a thrift sale find a brand new Pottery Barn Candle.  I tweaked it with some damask fabric and
burlap that I cut off the bottom of a Christmas tree.  Thrifty and Chic!  The glass that the small candle is sitting on was thrifted at my mothers it was a vase from flowers.  I love that it is square.
The jar candle was another thrifty find at my mothers apartment. The common room has a table that people put things that they don't want.  She gets the candles for me.

The grouping on this end has another Pottery Barn candle (I got 2) The star in the front is actually a curtin rod hanger.  The hanger part is hiding under the suede.  Which is a suede wrap skirt that I used to wear.    The bronze was bought when we used to go to The Rocky Mountain Elk Club dinners and auctions.  It is sitting on a miniture hope chest I got when I was in high school. 

I covered it with a piece of vintage crochet.  I just couldn't let Shabby Chuck completely take over. 

The two candle sticks were at a garage sale.  They are really heavy.  I really like them.  As you can see I need new candles.  One was completely gone!  They melted really fast.  Won't buy them again!

So that's the Shabby Chuck mantle . . . I am thinking it needs a little
or maybe a lot of Tweaking.  Maybe ditch the whole Cowboy theme and go with a little . . .

Chippy White now we're talkin'. 

Thanks for visiting the Journey today.  May your day be filled with Joy.  

Before you go.  Go back up and look at the photo with the fire in the fireplace.  Look really, really close.  What do you see?
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