Saturday, February 23, 2013

Daisy's Dog Awards Nominate your Dog Today

Daisy's Doggie Awards....visit and nominate your pooch for the March give a way . . .

We have this new routine Daisy and I
It starts the minute I open my eyes in the morning. How does she
know when my eyes are open? She puts her front paws on the bed and wags and wags and wags her tail.  
Of course I am petting her the entire time and the more I pet the louder the tail thumping the wall gets!

Then when I am dressed I get a Dr. Pepper and the lap top and I sit on the couch and she waits till I pat the cushion beside me and then she very eloquently pounces onto the cushion and settles in and sighs.  Yes pounces she really makes a very funny production of it!

We look a little like this.  And then she helps me write my post. 

Or on Saturdays I help her write her post . . .  

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So true.  This one is just beautiful.  It made me cry when I saw it.

And then I started wanting a Lab again.  In case your wondering just about the best dog in the world.  Except for Daisy and yours!

puppy love
Such a sweet companion

useful dog!

Amazing Helper! 

Just a few new friends we met on the web.  We'd love to meet your dog.  Come by and invite us over. 

Nominate your dog for the prize.  A personalized bandanna. 

May your day be filled with the Joy of a dog.



Denise said...

I nominate Coco, she really wants a bandanna.

Yona Williams said...

What a beautiful post!

I had a black lab mix named Oz, but he unexpectedly passed away last March.

He was such a smart pooch and crazy about me. He quickly learned any trick I taught him, including waving 'bye-bye'. My family used to call him my 'boyfriend.' He'd do this little prancy-paw dance while staying in place whenever I came home - he was a trip.

Oh! And he used his paws like a human - it was crazy to watch him.

I'm a huge dog lover and waiting for another dog to 'choose' me again.

Have a great Sunday.