Tuesday, February 19, 2013

CHO My Resume

Thank you for the opportunity to share my Resume and experience for the position of Chief Household Officer 

The following details my recent experience . . .

I have over 30 years experience in House hold management
Duties include:

Receives guests and visitors

Daily laundry and upkeep of family clothing.  Including purchasing, mending and management of distribution

Proficient at meal planning; management  according to USDA standards.

Proficient in teaching and training. 

Frugal in managing food budgeting

Daily duties included managing bath time

Supervising maintenance staff  in keeping all equipment in working condition. . . 

Salary expectations for this position are negotiable

Proficient in managing transportation for all . . .

Dance practises and recitals . . .

Sporting events and practises and Horse Shows

Other skills include:
Tweaking, Tending and Beautifying

Skilled in naptime management . . .

Medical training

Expectations of position . . .
No paid sick leave
No paid vacation
No bonus plan  . . .

Expected Retirement Benefit . . .

Sub title for this job Daugther of the King

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Lindsey said...

This is a really cute post! I loved all of the photos. The horse licking the child in the bath made me smile :) Thank you for linking up with us at Tending The Home Tuesdays!

Deanna said...

You are hired!! Cute, cute post!

Unknown said...

Love the post, we moms sure do have the most impressive resumes, don't we? I will definitely have to share this!

Denise said...

Woo Hoo, love this.

Leave It To Davis said...

So true, so true! Love it!