Friday, February 1, 2013

Quilting Progress

A Lovely Year of Finishes

One of my goals this year was to get to spend more time making quilts.  In January month I  spent most of my time finishing this quilt . . .
This one has been a challenge in a millon ways.  I began it with no pattern.  Just an idea in my head.
I wanted it to be happy!  It is completely made of scraps except the purple sections.  The purple fabric choice was a huge mistake.  It was very hard to sew on.  The flowers are machine appliqued and
embellished with machine embroidery.  It is actually complete and put together with the binding but I need to add a little more quilting.  The machine I use for quilting decided to take a holiday so I am
a little stuck on this one.

At least for now. 
 I am loving this one.  I started it possibly to give to my sister because it is much more modern looking( at least to me) than anything I have ever done.  But I like it so much I want to keep it.

But I know I won't.

 This one needs to be quilted.  I love this little tiny work of art.  It  is just a small quilt but I love the colors.  I plan to put it in my shop.  It would make a perfect doll quilt for a special little girl.

And last a little wall hanging I want to get quilted this month. 

I love this little wall hanging.  I designed it with various patterns.  The trees are paperpieced versions of Country Threads style trees.  The snowmen are also paper pieced from another project. A pattern I downloaded a long time ago off the internet (way before blogging. LOL)   The snowmen are made from warm and natural batting.  It gives them some texture and looks really cute. The brown tree trunks are flannel.  So they add another element of texture.  The entire piece is cotton and flannel and brushed cotton. 

I am going to have a busy month.  And it's a short month.  I better get to that sewing machine.   Wish me luck!

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Denise said...


Kathleen said...

The second picture looks like a puzzle to me. I am not really one for a more modern quilt but I really like this one. XX Kathleen from

Carrie P. said...

I like that little quilt too. The snowman quilt is really neat how you put different blocks together. Neat idea to use batting for the snowment too. good luck on reaching your goals.

Patricia said...

Some nice projects. Hope you can make progress and get some finishes for the year soon. Cute dog too!

Barbara said...

These are just beautiful. Love all that color. Thanks for linking up.