Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Ahhh where to begin.

Are you thankful for something this morning? Are you thankful for a lot of things?

Today I have to go with the list of miracles and Blessings God has given me.

#1 I am thankful for our vet. Dr. L. Tuesday we had an episode with our horse that is 22. We had never seen anything like this in our over 20 years of having horses. Even though it was new to us it was routine of course to an experienced vet. It was an emergency and Dr. L. put asside his schedule to come to our rescue. When I called him and explained the situation I told him that we could not afford to treat the horse. We have known this vet for 8 years. I told him that if the horse needed to be put down that we couldn't pay him for it today. It costs $75.00 just for the vet to walk onto the property; plus whatever else he has to do. He treated our horse and didn't charge us a dime. Thank you God for Dr. L.
I know that you care about what we care about. I know that every creature is important to you. I thank you for Pal and his sweet nature. I thank you for all the years he has been a pet to us. And I pray that you will direct us to find him a loving home. Thank you God for Matt. He is a great person. You know that I have prayed many prayers for him. I thank you today that he was willing to go out of his way for us and for Pal. Bless him. Bless his family. And, Bless his business.

#2 I am thankful for our friend and brother in Christ Ron. We met Ron about 7 years ago when his son was assigned to our ministry. A few months after his son finished his assignment Ron made a donation to us and we have been in connection ever since. He is now on our board of directors and is our main fundraiser. He is working with corporate sponsors and his church on our behalf. With thier help and God's grace we will be moving soon.
Thank you God for Ron and his heart to be your servant. Thank you for his years of support. Thank you for his birthday tomorrow and his dedication to the ministry.
Thank you for his family and his church. Thank you that he is not afraid to step outside normal boundaries and meet you where you are working.

#3 I am thankful that God is patient with me. He knows all my needs. He knows all my faults. I am thankful that he forgives me even though I keep messing up. I am thankful that all I have to do is ask. I am thankful that he listens even when I know I don't deserve his grace. When I keep saying the same things over and over. Telling him my needs and asking his forgiveness for those things I keep messing up on again and again.
Thank you God for your grace. Thank you God for your patience. The Toby Mac song just went through my mind...Father God I am clay in your hands. I want to be what you want me to be. I don't want to do this or that to conform to what the world thinks. I want to be like Ron and step outside the boundaries if I need to and meet you where you are. Where you are taking the ministry. I want to do what you want me to do. Thank you God for allowing me to be your child.

Here are part of the words to that song that popped into my head.

Father God, I am clay in your hands, Help me to stay that way through all life's demands, 'Cause they chip and they nag and they pull at me, And every little thing I make up my mind to be, Like I'm gonna be a daddy whose in the mix, And I'm gonna be a husband who stays legit, And I pray that I'm an artist who rises above, The road that is wide and filled with self love, Everything that I see draws me, Though it's only in You that I can truly see that its a feast for the eyes . . .

I don't want to gain the whole world, and lose my soul, Don't wanna walk away, let me hear the people say. I don't want to gain the whole world, and lose my soul, Don't wanna walk away, let me hear the people say.

Wishing you Blessings on your Journey today. Thanks for stopping in. And you can run over to Laurie's for more thankful posts.

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