Friday, March 5, 2010

Smiles for Friday

We have exhausted the home search. This is what I felt like last night after the last few days of driving all over our area!

We did find a house yesterday we Love. it has everything we want and need. And it has enough room for my mother to move in if she has to. We want her to but she is rebellious! LOL.

It is just minutes away from our church. So I could go to Tuesday ladies Bible Study again and we could go on Wednesday nights. We are thinking we could change our chapel service time a little and make it to Sunday School also before we go to do our service.

The down side is it is in a neighborhood and so we have to find a home for our horse and two mini donkeys.

I put a posting on craigslist last night for the horse. Two people have already emailed. I know we will have tons of people answer but we are praying for the right home for him. I am putting together an application and I will check references and go and see where he will be. This is really scary to me but I know God is in this.

Will you guys please pray for our house and pray for our animals too.

This is a happy day and I want to leave you with a smile.

Hope your Friday is all smiles!
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