Monday, March 15, 2010

The Simple Womans Daybook

From my daybook . . . March 21,2010

Outside my window. . . overcast looks like rain. The cat stayed out last night! And he is looking in the window now.
I am thinking. . .about my day and wondering how things with our house hunt will turn out.
I am thankful for. . .that God is good and supplies. We had amazing affirmation this weekend on some points. Did you see the rainbow on my Thursday and Friday posts?
From the learning rooms. . . Peggy added if this applies she meant this for homeschooling moms but I think it applies to all of us . . . I am learning/experiencing God's faithfulness and I am learning to have faith.
From the kitchen. . . no menu yet this week but I am trying to clean out the freezer before we move I need ideas for chicken I have an abundance. Any ideas?
I am wearing. . . jeans and old Gap henley and a sweater and socks it's still a little chilly this morning.
I am creating. . . Habits. I am working really hard on doing better at keeping the house. I swept and mopped the kitchen floor twice over the weekend. It really is really simple to do it just before bedtime.
I am going. . . no where today. Baby will be here today,Wed and Fri. because it spring break.
I am reading. . . a book about Homeschooling and a novel. I have to review both
I am hoping. . . that we don't get ahead of God.
I am hearing . . . my dog chewing on a bone!
Around the house . . . more packing, organzing and figuring out what is not going to the new house.
One of my favorite things. . . sitting by a fire at dusk and enjoying the outside with Cowboy, my dog and a glass of wine.
A few plans for the rest of the week . . . I don't know. With house hunting and all the issues around that and moving I am taking it one day, one minute at a time.
Here is picture for thought I am sharing. . .

I am sharing this photo because I wanted ask you all to pray for our house situation and for our horse. This is cowboy being silly with them. The one on the right is our paint. His name is Pal. This is a really old photo. He is now 22. In the background you can see our son. The paint was his horse. Anyway we need to find a good home for Pal. We have not been able to find a house that has land so we are forced to find him a home. We want to donate him to a camp near us. We are waiting to hear back from them. If it doesn't work we will be trying to find someone to take him. Please pray we can find him a good home.
Thanks for coming by and joining me in planning and thinking about my week. What are your plans? BTW go over to Peggy's and see what everyone else is doing this week.
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