Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Please Pray

Dear Friends,
I really, really need you all to lift me and my Cowboy up. Tonight my head is spinning. We spent the entire day looking for somewhere to live.

I used this photo because we have only a few short weeks and we have no new address.

We found a house today that would accomodate all the animals. It has some nice features. And some not so nice features. Picture a 1980's bathroom. But the kitchen is great and it has two fireplaces. Stalls for the horse and donkeys and a pond. We could take all the animals.

The downside is it is so far away from our daughter that I doubt that we would ever see them.

This house is easily in our price range.

Every other house we have looked at we would have to really, really struggle.

We have faith God will provide.

But our delima is what is God's will? So we struggle.

I simply ask you dear sisters to lift us up. We so need wisdom. We so need discernment. We so
need to hear God's voice.

We so need to trust in the Lord. We so need to see clearly the path he has for us.
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