Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Grace,Mercy and Thankfulness on Tuesday

Good Morning beautiful friends. This morning I woke to sunshine. Which means spring so I put together a few springy photo's for you.

Spring . . just one of the things I am thankful for today.

I seek grace and mercy from you my friends for not writing a post yesterday or even leaving you a photo, smile or hug for your day.

I hope that your week started with a great and blessed Monday.

Yesterday I was busy with the grandbaby all day. We played, rocked and napped together. Well I laid down till he was sleeping good and then I worked on cleaning up my computer.

Today I have lots on my agenda. More packing. Getting down to the wire on finding a house. We have a noon board meeting. Then going to get sacks from the grocery to pack food in for kids. Then coming home to pack. Maybe Cowboy can take down the Christmas lights since it seems sunny and warm today!
The thankfulness part is God provided a home for our donkeys! Praise God.

We have a lead on a home for the horse too. Another prayer request here. Please pray this lead pans out. It is a church camp in our area. He would love living there!

Ya'll have a great day. A Happy Day today. My Cowboy is looking for music for Sunday and he keeps playing 'Oh Happy Day'. So today I think we will all have a Happy Day.
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