Friday, February 1, 2008

Who's your Valentine?

Did you think I forgot? Yes I was distracted playing around with the new toy. But I did not forget. Today I want to share with you what I found over at Mary Engelbreit. Go on over to her website and look at all the fun free things she offers for the holiday. I just love her stuff! I hope you are enjoying the party. Enjoy your weekend.

p.s. Who is your valentine?


Tracy said...

My sweet hubby is my valentine! And boy am I glad!

Rose of Sharon said...

My wonderful husband, Eric. He has been my valentine for 30 years now! He is still my boyfriend!

I will go check out Mary E's website....I LOVE her stuff!

Hugs, Sharon

Sheila said...

My valentine...well, Jesus has my heart and so does my hubby!

Just wanted to say thanks to for stopping by my blog and leaving your gracious comment on "A Divorced Wife of Valor."

I'll add your blog to my bloglines and stop in as often as I can!

Bless you!

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

My darling hubby, of 25 years, is certainly my Valentine! I love my family so much!

CUTE ME things!!! She is my favorite!