Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love is in the air

The other day when I read this post I was overwhelmed with the sweet spirit this lady has. These sweet cookies she baked the other day and then invited a few friends over for a decorating party. What a neat idea. I know they had tons of fun. You can see by the photo's on her post. But the thing the overwhelmed me was her plan for the cookies. Tomorrow she is going to deliver them to her neighbors. What a sweet idea. Do you notice I keep using the word overwhelmed? Well that is becuase it is at htttp:www// that you can see the post she did an amazing job and I think she should get the award for sharing. Is there one? Well there should be. I know that God is Blessing her for her sweet spirit and her enthusiasm to share his love in this sweet way.
Blessings everyone.
Please come back tomorrow for a very special post.

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Carrie said...

Great post. I will go over to visit right now.
Please note correct URL