Friday, February 29, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Good morning today is Show and Tell again. I just love this day of the week. I hope you all like my S&T's as much as I like yours. I can't wait to finish typing so I can run over to Kelli's and see her amazing S&T. And, visit everyone else. (How do you add the link in a post? Can anyone tell me?)
Without further ado . . . My Show and Tell today is my Gameroom bathroom first is the rug.

I love this little rug. I ordered it off Ebay when I decorated this bathroom in the last house for our daughter. She was away at college and I wanted her bathroom at home to reflect her favorite things. Not elephants this time. Here most favorite things. Horses.
Next is one of the walls. The plate hanging on the wall I also got on ebay. The light switch is one of those metal ones. And the rodeo number framed ever so special is my number. I think it was from one of the only Horse Shows (not rodeo) that I ever participated in. I had this awesome mare. And I think this is from a Halter class probably. I never showed much because I was always the wrangler/groom for the kids. So this number is special.

Next are photo's of my son. When we moved into the current house the things got moved into the game room bath and so I added a few things and changed it up. (I wish I had taken photo's of the first bathroom there was this cute little shelf and we had boots on it and some other things) Anyway here's the next photo.

On the right the one with the red ribbon is our son at maybe 10. This was taken at a Rodeo. Way back then the church that we went to had this awesome rodeo every year. It was really neat for everyone because it gave city folks a chance to live like we all think Texas is. As it was. (As it should be if you ask me.) On the left is my son much older with my gandson. My grandson calls me Texas Grandma.
Last I couldn't show all these photo's without showing this one. I had to take it off the wall and scan it because the bathroom is tiny and I couldn't get a good photo. Here's the neatest one I think.

This is our son and his reining horse futurity colt. This colt he raised. This photo is taken in Okla. City at the NRHA reining futurity. He drove from Missouri and we were back in Texas by then so we drove there to see him. Although he didn't place this was an amazing opportunity and I was a really proud mama. Isn't he handsome! I'll write more about him and Speck in a Saturday post.

I hope you've enjoy my Show and Tell. Go over and visit Kelli. And don't forget to come back tomorrow and see Daisy's story and I am having a give away. So come tomorrow and check it out.
Happy Show and Tell Friday.


j said...

Cool post! I'm glad you mentioned elephants - I remember last weeks post. That is a good idea, to reference what you posted last week so that people will remember the visit! Jennifer

OH! and I liked the horses, especially the rug!

Vicky said...

I just logged onto my blogspot and saw that you had left me a message months ago! Thank you for your kind words. I loved your show-n-tell idea. The pics of your family and horses are treasures for sure. Best wishes, Vicky

Constance said...

I loved the way you decorated! I have a soft spot for things horse-related, living in Texas. It's funny though, that so many people think we all ride horses and have tumbleweeds blowing through our yards! Thank for sharing!

I got bounced today, somehow I didn't quite fit into the guidelines. That's okay, my post stands as is.

RedWritingHood said...

That's a great stop pic! Horse and rider look great!

TJ said...

Whata fun bathroom! My daughter loves horses.

nannykim said...

love that light switch! Really neat! The pictues are SWELL!! (just felt like making a 50 ish comment!)

Hootin' Anni said...

As I'm reading your blog entry today and viewing the photos, a song is going through my head "And I'm bucking for 8 when they pull that gate and I hope the judge ain't blind...Amarillo by morning...."

Awesome stuff you've shared. Just awesome.

My SnT is posted. If you haven't dropped by, I sure hope you can!! Happy Friday.

cherished*vintage said...

Love that bathroom rug! It reminds me of the old paint by number picture kits from long ago. It's so cool!

Cheryl said...

What special things you've grouped together, makes the room super cute!

Rose of Sharon said...

What a cute bathroom! What fun accessories with the horse theme. I really like that rug!

:0) Sharon