Monday, February 11, 2008

More Party ideas . . . prayer please

As always Kelli at has some amazing ideas. Kelli we never tire of your wonderful projects and photo's. (she though we might be bored with all the Valentines Day hoopla) Not here we are always in the party spirit at least we try to be. More on that later though. Kelli had a wonderful birthday party for her daughter last week and these were the party bags she made for each of the girls. They are quite cute. Please go over and read Kelli's blog she always has wonderful ideas.

. . . on another note if your reading me. ( I know there are some lurkers out there) I really need your prayer this week. Today actually. We are in an extremely desperate situation with our ministry right now. God has always been faithful. For the last four years we have been in full time ministry and God has supplied all our needs. Many times it was at the 11th hour. Today we have some personal bills to pay and right now this minute there isn't enough money to pay them. Some of our support checks are late. I am praying that I will find them in the mail when the mail man arrives. I know that God is in control.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my husband had knee replacement surgery. His recovery is very slow. He is not sleeping at night and living on pain killers.
So I have taking care of him and the farm and all the animals plus the ministry to manage.
And to top all that off my Bernina sewing machine died yesterday. It was my source of extra income. I was in the middle of making aprons to sell and bam it just decided to quite.
I am not whinning. I have learned a lot in the last four years. I have learned not to be angry at my husband (which I was for awhile; I mean isn't he supposed to be taking care of me? that's another post) I have learned to trust and depend on God. Today I have to trust that he has the answers because I don't.

I am sorry right now my mind isn't functioning well enough to put up the verse. I'll add it later.

I have to get back to taking care of this business.

Please if your lurking out there and you have been Blessed by my writing. Or, if you have joined me on the Valentines Day Party please pray for me. Please pray for my husband. And please pray for the ministry. Please pray that God will supply all our needs.


Jessica said...

Praying for you now.

linda t said...

Oh my gosh, do we ever have a lot in common! My husband and I have been in full-time ministry for all our 28 years of marriage. For many of those years we lived totally on support. What a faith journey! But like you guys, the Lord met all our needs, but sometimes at the 11th hour! He was faithful to teach us to trust Him and we are forever grateful!
You are in my thoughts and prayers Sherry!