Friday, February 8, 2008

Show and Tell Friday

Today I am taking a break from the Valentines Day Party to do show and tell. Kelli over at There's no place like home is hosting this Show and Tell that I have been trying to do for awhile but I have had issues with the computer and the camera. But thankfully I can finally I kind of my issues resolved and can post photo's. So here is my first show and tell. Here's hoping I can post all these photo's.

This is the before photo of my bookcase that holds part of my Cookbook Collection and my books.(excluding my novels) The top is a bookcase that my parents had while I was growing up. It was stained a honey color. I got it about the time my daughter was in jr. high. We tried doing a crackle technique that didn't turn out too well. It was first painted red then black. We wanted the red to show through. When she went to college I got it back and painted it white. The desk came from my in laws and was also painted black/red. My daughter didn't use them this way with the bookcase on top. I like the look of the bookcase on top.

This last photo is of a cute little antique (I think) shelf filled with some of my favorites. I think you can see them better in this photo. Also photo'd is my flower tin with painted folk art rabitts. It is about 15 years or so old. It complimented a wall paper line that had a border with the rabbits on. In front is a tin cut out of rabbits. I don't know where I got. I love rabbits as you are probably figuring out. Maybe next week I should show them. hmmm.

ok actually it didn't turn out exactly as I wanted but I am going to leave well enough alone.
I have more photo's of my cookbook collection that I will add. But, I am satisfied with the fact that I got these up. I meant for the empty bookcase to be first but it didn't work out that way. I quess I will have to put this post under my dummies at blogging catergory.

I am just happy that I got a show and tell post up. Kelli I hope your proud of me! Ya'll bear with me. Next week I'll do better
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