Sunday, November 22, 2020

Happy Homemaker In Texas

Welcome to my regular feature.  I join Sandra each week for her party.

Sandra provides these prompts . . .

The weather

Glorious.  Mornings are brisk. Afternoons are in upper  70's.  

I am wearing today

Black pants over shorts and a tattered Old Navy 2009 Happy Holidays T-shirt.  I love this holey shirt!

On the breakfast plate

Scrambled Eggs.  I avoid the Tortilla saving my bread intake for other options.  I am not too much of a Flour Tortilla fan.  Now give me a Corn one or ten.  Enough said!

In the garden

I am writing this and hoping I can get some good pics to show you how pretty all my veggies are.

The Broccoli is growing so nice.  Because it has been so warm they get a pretty cover in the afternoon.  
My Shabby Chic shade cloth.  If it is a bit cool over night my Green Bean tower gets a pretty Shabby Chic blankie . . 
I have been watching for blooms everyday.  Was hoping for a mess for Thanksgiving.  We'll see.

Something fun to share

My first ever Black Friday Promo.  I am super excited I hope you will come by and check out all the authors.  
The event starts today and goes all week.  My regular posts will be on the sidebar as features.

I am reading now

The Fabulous Party

Join me all week and party! All your Fabulous posts are Welcome just keep them family friendly please. 
You can link as many posts as you want New or Old ones you might want to share again.  Let's party click Here to link. 

On the TBR pile . . . 

I have been meeting some new authors that I'll be promoting and they've been sending me some great reads.

On the To Do List

Priorities for Cowboy's surgery...

He has to shower 🚿 with special soap Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning

Sheets need to be washed too and changed daily.  We don't have carpet to absorb dog hair and dirt.

The couch blankets have to be washed daily. 

We bought  3x's Tshirts 

And I have store up ice. I need to buy frozen Peas forgot that today.

I hope to buy more plants this week.

Finish the Christmas decor.

The Cowboy has surgery in Tuesday so I am sure I won't get alot done.

My Ta Da' moment

I got the tree drug in from the garage and got all the lights going.

In the craft basket

Not much real accomplished but lots of plans. Actually the gorgeous weather is keeping me outside!

I am almost finished with a Junk Journal page for a SWAP I will be mailing on Monday.

On the menu

Not planning a menu since the Cowboy is having surgery.

But I will post on Friday what ends up on the plate!

From the camera

Not so pretty but I made an Angel Food Cake! It was so good.


I am linking at all my regular parties.  See my party page.



Molly the Airedale said...

That angel food cake looks so yummy. I can't remember the last time I had a piece! We're sending lots and lots of positive vibes and AireZen for your Cowboy's surgery♥

GranthamLynn said...

Thanks a bunch! Thanks for always leaving me a sweet comment.

Felicia said...

I hope Cowboy's surgery goes well and his recovery is smooth and fast.
I just love your shabby chic shade cloth, I would have never thought to use something like that to help keep plants shaded when needed.

Have a good week and I hope y'alls Thanksgiving is good.

Luludou said...

Hope the surgery went well.
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
I like the junk journal you are working on.