Saturday, August 12, 2017

Things To Do On A Hot Summer Day . . .

. . . I could be Image result for grapevine lake texas well actually I wouldn't be doing that.  But maybe this Image result for grapevine lake texas there are some nice trails around the lake.   I'd love to live near a beach but we have lakes in our area of Texas.  

I am thankful I live in Texas and we have lots of lakes!

 Boating is big in Texas. Image result for grapevine lake texas
Image result for sailboats on grapevine lake texas Sailboats are fun to watch from the shore.

Image result for grapevine lake texas  There are nice campsites on the lake.
Or you can just pitch a tent and play on the little beach and around the park area.  Then go inside to cool down.

Image result for grapevine lake texas
 Bike riders, walkers, joggers.  And family's just spending time out doors.  

Our lake is even fun at night . . . 
Image result for picnicking on grapevine lake texas

Summers at the lake.  Awe.   
How do you spend a hot summer day?
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