Friday, August 25, 2017

Flower Friday

Hello are you as glad as I am that it is Friday?  Today 
I am sharing a few flower photo's.  A friend joins a 
Flower Friday party and so I am inspired to share some.

The first one I shared on Monday but today I wanted to share

My sister gave this potted plant to my mother last Sept.  I always thought it was pretty.  But this spring and summer I have been seeing them all over.  There are two really big ones in a flower bed in my mothers complex.  And I see them at several houses in the gated community where I work. 
Apparently they are easy to grow and very hardy.  

They are on my list to purchase!

I took this one because I have been looking at plants around our area.  They were much prettier a few days before.  This was my morning Sonic stop.  Half price Dr. Pepper till 10 a.m.!

And lastly one from my garden. . . 

My zinnias that I started in a pot sprouted again.  I didn't expect it.  I thought they were done for!  I was thinking putting in a pot wasn't a good idea.  But now I am rethinking that.  
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Can you see the potato vine? It is growing like crazy. 
And yes in the fore ground of this photo that is weeds.  They are driving me nuts!
You can see but the pot is next to a wagon with a couple of pots. 
I have weeded the area but these weeds grew under the wagon!
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Hopefully tomorrow it will be cooler and dryer and I will get out and tidy things a bit and take a few photo's.  
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My helper will be here so hopefully I'll get lots done and lot's of pics!  

Enjoy your Friday
Have a great weekend!

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