Thursday, August 17, 2017

God's Crime Scene For Kid-Book Review

God’s Crime Scene for Kids

About the book (provided by Litfuse)
God’s Crime Scene for Kids: Investigate Creation with a Real Detective (David C Cook, September 2017)
Hone your reasoning skills as you investigate evidence in the universe to determine the most reasonable cause for everything we see in creation.
In this companion to Cold-Case Christianity for Kids, Jason uncovers a mystery in his grandmother’s attic. He and his friends, Hannah, Daniel and Jasmine, enlist the help of Detective Jeffries at the Jr. Detective’s Academy. Along the way, they develop the skills needed to investigate the mystery and the evidence of God’s existence. The cadets learn logical-thinking skills as they examine the contents of a mysterious box and the vast universe.
In God’s Crime Scene for Kids, real-life detective J. Warner Wallace shows kids ages 8 to 12 what skills are needed to solve Jason’s mystery, and at the same time looks at evidence in the universe that demonstrates God is the creator. Ultimately, kids will learn how to make their own case for God’s existence.
And I thought
I was excited when I  received the offer from Litfuse to review this book.  
I was mainly because I wanted the chance for my 9 year old grandson to read the book.  And because I thought it would be a good book to recommend to home school parents.  
I didn't realize until I received the book that it is the 2nd in the series.  We loved the first book Cold-Case Christianity for Kids.
Both books have great illustrations. 
Both books are both written to get the attention of you readers. 
I don't know  of a better tool for parents.  My grandson devoured 
the first book.
I haven't had a chance yet to God's Crime Scene to  him.  
For a 9 year old he is intrigued with investigating things.  One of his favorite t.v. shows is Mysteries at the museum.
Approaching the Bible in this way using detective skills to prove God's existence is interesting to him.  
I highly recommend God's Crime Scene to parents. 
I highly recommend church leaders and librarians to consider 
this great tool to use in ministry. 

The authors have a really cool interactive website. 
Click here to visit Case Makers Academy.

From Case Makers Academy
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 - studied Cold Case Christianity for Kids this summer! Now they are ALL Christian Case Makers! Congratulations everyone!

I received a complimentary copy from Litfuse. 
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