Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday-Plans For My Week

Welcome to Happy  Homemaker Monday.  Where I join Sandra to share a few plans for my week.  

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The Weather
 Still hot and humid. Most days triple digits.  No rain in sight.

Right Now I  Am
 Awaiting news from DIL.  My 16 year old grandson is hoping 
to buy his first investment horse today.  He plans on a late breeding if all works out.

On My Reading Pile
  I always have so much to read that I've decided to choose one to share with you here each week.  The one I am looking the most forward to read.  In another post I'll share What's on my Reading Pile.  Today I am still itching to read . . .
book cover of 

Bones To Pick 

And I got this one free this week . . . 

Something fun to share
 Get ready for the 11th Tea Cup & Mug Exchange
Click here to visit The Enchanting Rose

I am thankful for
 Our ministry.  We are able to serve at a boys prison unit.  
It is a blessing every week to see them worship God. 

In the garden
Actually from my mothers front porch.  She got this plant a couple of years ago from my sister for her birthday. 
I have been seeing it over and over in landscaping.  It appears to be very hard. I would love to add one to my beds.  I wonder if it comes in other colors?

On the menu this week
Monday -- We call it Goulash ( I didn't make it a couple of weeks ago when I planned) Fried Okra, Salad
Tuesday --  Pan Seared Flounder, Homemade Mac/Cheese Salad, Bread
Wednesday -- Mixed Grill Kilebasa etc, Pinto's, Fried Potatoes
Thursday --Make Your Own Pizza's 
Friday--Expecting a long week either Chinese or Eat Out

In the kitchen
Fresh homemade pasta (using what you already have in the kitchen)
I want to make my own pasta.  I saw an episode of Worst Cooks
last night and was again inspired. 
I have a kitchenaide but no attachment so that is my hold up. 
Maybe some day!

Fabulous Feature
Fun for the garden.  Click here to visit post. 

One of my simple pleasures
Writing on my blog.  Today I have spent over 3 hours trying to write this one post.  Not only do I have a consistant problem with the internet but I have a very old computer.  Which is what the provided says is the problem with the internet.
Strange though we have a brand new Kindle and it is slow too.
I am adding this to this section because I would like you my friends that have the same simple pleasure as I do...
I know you do!  Please say a pray for me.  Hopefully I can buy a new computer soon!
Devo./ Scripture
Charlie Brown, Christianity and Christ [16 pictures]

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This has taken waaaay to long to write.  I am so ready to put my feet up and maybe pour a glass of wine!

Have a great week

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