Monday, August 14, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday-A Few Plans For The Week

I thought I would give you a really big Welcome today.  We do things big here in Texas!  It's Monday so that means I am joining Sandra for . . . 
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The Weather
 Same as last week.  I had one word last week.  Hot this week I am adding another word Humid. The Cowboy is already counting down the days till cooler weather.  We've had some good rain showers.  The plants are loving it!

Right Now I  Am
 Thinking about my week.  Cooler weather. Gardening plans.
Wishing it was a little dryer to be out working in the garden. 

On My Reading Pile
 I always have so much to read that I've decided to choose one to share with you here each week.  The one I am looking the most forward to read.  In another post I'll share What's on my Reading Pile.  Today I am just itching to read . . .
book cover of 

Bones To Pick
This one was free a couple of weeks ago on Net Galley

Something fun to share

I found this the other day and thought it would be fun to share!
Click here to visit the blog.

I am thankful for
 The Cowboys job.  After 10 months he is back to making the salary he was prior to loosing his job last Sept. just a couple of weeks before we moved into our house.  
We were talking last night and we were both thanking God for his provision for us.  He was telling me last night that on Tuesday when he was paying bills he wrote out a tithe.  We also are able to choose a charity to make a donation.  We are thankful.

In the garden
 Weeds. Rocks. But it's getting better.  I have fall green beans planted and pumpkins.  On Saturday I prepped the area to plant beets and more green beans.  

On the menu this week
 Monday -- Mexican Chicken/Rice, Salad, Pinto Bean Soup
Tuesday -- Tuna Casserole w/peas, Salad
Wednesday -- Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Grean Beans
Thursday -- Kid Friendly Hot Dogs, Mac/cheese 
Friday -- Shrimp Alfredo, Broccolli/Cauliflower, Salad, Garlic Bread

Cooking a little different now a days.  The Cowboys mother is in recovering and needs encouragement to eat.  So I take her and my mother leftovers a couple days a week. 

In the kitchen
birthday cake bread with crumb topping
I am thinking this looks yummy and easy.  It's called Birthday Cake Bread I am wondering if it is really cakey or more like bread.  The recipe is over here

And this my friend Carol linked at the party.  Sound so yummy it's on my menu for this week!

Click here to visit Carol. Let her know I sent you!

Fabulous Features 
I am happy to feature my friend Laura from Harvest Lane Cottage. It is great to have her back and blogging this us. 
Last week she share a book with us. 

Laura's review is here

Fabulous Feature
You have to visit Jennifer at Raising Servant Leaders to see her best chocolate cookies post. 
Kitty Helper
 Her post is fun and precious and will bring a smile to your face.  
Click here to visit. 

On of my simple pleasures
I love meeting new blogging friends like Jennifer and introducing them to you!

From the camera
Sometimes you just have to share them again.  In case you didn't see the zoo post. 

Devo./ Scripture
@DwightKNelson  You are my place of quiet rest--my refuge, my hiding place, and my shield. Psalm 119:114
Thank you for dropping in today. 
I hope you enjoyed your visit!
Have a wonderful week!

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