Friday, December 30, 2016

Oh My Bloomin' Begonias

Sharing today the still lovely Begonia's that my dear daughter and grandson gave me for Mother's Day.

I said Mother's Day

I've always wanted a Christmas Cactus.  I guess this is the next best thing . . . 
Please don't notice the dead tomato
The weather has been so nice here they were still growing when we had a cold front a few weeks ago so I brought the pot into the 
glass room/green house.  
Yesterday I decided to try cutting them back to see if they would last. . . 
They look nice in my kitchen window
I love my kitchen window!
It may sound silly but I haven't haven't had one in 10 years!
I should have mentioned it in my Thankful post yesterday
 :           :
To show you how beautiful the weather is right now
A little cloudy but the sky is blue and the weather couldn't be better. 
This year I'm not wishin' I was on that beach about now. 
I'll have to get The Cowboy to help me take a better photo of the flag! 

Have A Good Day!
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