Thursday, December 15, 2016

Thankful Thursday

Are you thankful today?
 Sometimes it's the little things. 
Sometimes the big things we realize we are thankful for. 
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Sometimes we just have to stop and Be Still and . . . 
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. . . and allow God to remind you.

You can read the post here. I am thankful she smiles.  I am thankful my grandson can run.

I am thankful for blogging friends. . . 
Join the party bring your Christmas posts!
The super sweet B.J. made this Fabulous photo for the linky party at Our Holiday Journey.  Click here to join the party.  Click 
Here to visit B.J.  

And I am thankful God provides jobs.  I haven't mentioned it here but The Cowboy lost his job 1 week before we moved. (in Oct.)
He did get a job the next week but didn't start for another week. 
He is only getting limited hours.  

I clean houses so my income has had to meet lots of needs. 
This week I had a client ask me to 'fold fabric'.  She gave me 
a $100.00 bill to fold 5 boxes of fabric . . .
She insisted I bring the fabric home and fold at night while I watch t.v.
Wrapping the fabric around a ruler to make it the right size to fit into the shelves and keeps it wrinkle free.  
Who would have thought someone would pay you $100.00 to fold fabric?

And, 2 weeks after we moved.  We found this at the curb on trash day.  Someone a few doors down moved and left this at the curb
This set of tools as you can see was in a wooden box.  It sat at the curb with bags and boxes of trash.  We scooped it up.  We knew just by seeing the box it was vintage and cool.  We investigated Ebay and found it was worth around 250.00 to 300.00.

We were short $300.00 to make rent in November.  We sold the tools for $300.00.  We made rent.  I feel bad for the people that left it at the curb.  

Regular readers know I am not too bashful to pick up stuff from the dumpster when we lived in an apartment.  

Or the side of the road . . . 
I love Christmas.  I love decorating.  Another side of the road find. We needed a bigger tree to fit into the living room.   This tree is decorated in red balls and the lights I got from beside the dumpster in the apartment.  

I am thankful I/we were in the right place at the right time.  And,
I just choose to believe that God provides; the simple things and the big things.  

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