Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thrifty Thursday--Sharing Parties

I've had a Thrifty week.  I love finding things for my home at awesome prices.  Don't you? 
We went thrift shopping on Monday and I got this . . . 
I knew I really paid too much for it but I wanted it! HeHe.  
It was marked $50.00 FINAL but it was nicely framed (although I didn't care for the frame). 
The clerk (who is a volunteer) said "Oh do you have a Victorian house?"  I replied "No."  She was a little confused why I would be buying a print and I didn't have a Victorian house.  (I think that's another whole post topic.)  I smiled and thanked her. 
When I got home I looked it up and found it sells print only at the artists gallery for $55.00.  It was still a good deal but not a real bargain.  
And speaking of post topics.   I have a post planned to share this...


The house I grew up in.  We drove by a few weeks ago.  It was so cute the way the new owners have changed it up!  More photo's to come soon and a few thoughts and happy memories. 

      Have you visited the house you grew up in?

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