Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tips On Tuesday

Uses for fabric softener sheets. . .
  •  They are great to use in your linen closet.  Just place one in a stack of extra sheets, your blankets or stored quilts. 
  • Put one under your car seat.
  • Put one in your shoes  to soak up odors.
  • Great to polish chrome
Do you have any different uses for fabric softener sheets?

Tips for getting rid of paper clutter . . . Image result for paper clutter
Here's a tip to help rid your house of paper clutter. Do you have stacks of mail to go through and magazines?  When I check the mail I immediately stop at the trash can and sort the mail. I even open the bills etc. and throw away the envelopes. We usually either pay on line or in person at the location. The only thing that makes it in the house is the actual bill. This really saves on clutter for me. You might consider stopping at your recycling bin on the way in the house or get an extra waste basket for your garage or mudroom where ever you go in the house. 

Tip for cleaning ceiling fans . . . 
I used to have a problem cleaning my ceiling fans. I would just forget to clean them. So now I clean them every Monday when I am doing laundry. I use a kitchen type wet wipe now once a week so I don't forget them. 

Another super easy way to clean your fan is to simply cover the blade with a pillow case.  Just pull the pillow case off and all the dirt comes of inside the pillowcase.  

These are just a few of the ways I keep my little cottage cozy.  

How do you keep your home cozy?

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