Friday, July 15, 2016

Frugal Friday--Savings At Fast Food Chains

I had the best cheap lunch yesterday and I want to share!  The Cowboy and I ate for $3.85!  This is what we ate . . . 
           We got 3 each for a nice filling and Frugal lunch!

A couple of weeks ago I realized what good deals they have at Taco Beuno . . . 

I happened by on a Tuesday.  Ordered at the drive thru and when clerk told me how much I was surprised to find out it was on sale. 
The regular price is $4.99.   So I got a bargain and didn't expect it.

The gentleman at the window suggested I sign up online for even better specials and now I get emails with offers! 

I think it's cool because you don't have to have the actual coupon. 
No worrying about mailers and clipping them and then using on the right day.  

We've done that waaaaay toooo many times!   I check my email everyday anyway so if there is a special offered and I'm planning on grabbing lunch out then I'm happy to go where I can spend less!

The Cowboy told me that Taco Casa offers Taco Tuesday . . . 

So I began to wonder where else can I eat for less?
Here are a couple of KFC's specials . . . 

Monday, Chicken Pot Pie Combo. Includes Pot Pie and Medium Drink for $3.99.

Wednesday, Extra Crispy™ Tenders Combo. Includes 3 Extra Crispy™ Tenders, Individual Side and Medium Drink for $3.99.
At least you can get some veggie's if you choose these.  

So where else can I get a good lunch deal?

Image result for boston market specials


Join the Boston Market VIP Club today and get $3 off your next purchase of $10 or more. To join the Boston Market VIP Club, simply enter your contact information and birthday.
       And they give you cake for your Birthday!  Sign me up!

Schlotzsky's  has a V.I.P program.  This is the App.  The site wasn't working so I couldn't check out the current deals. 

I know your thinking not so healthy.  I should be eating like this . . .

But I figure if I stick to the taco's, veggies instead of potatoes with my chicken I can still indulge in that cake at Boston Market.   

There are just those days that I am in between jobs and have to stop some place to pick up food so I can manage the afternoon.  

And being as Frugal as I can makes me feel a little better!

So how about you.  Do you have to stop for fast food some days?

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