Thursday, July 7, 2016

One Thing Leads To Another

It all started when . . . 

The Cowboy exclaimed in a slightly frustrated voice "My shoe is wet!"
Ice Shoes: My first sassy thought was "Well if your shoe had been in the closet it wouldn't be wet!"  Can I hear a 'Whoop' 'Whoop' or an 'Amen Sista'?  

But being the good wife that I am I bit my tongue.  And began thinking.
                And the Good Wife in me thought.  'Well the poor Cowboy needs more space so it's easier to put away his bajillion no exageration shoes.' 
                     The Bad Wife in me giggled and thought 'If I change closets with him then I won't have to look at clothes hanging on the door and shoes and etc. etc. etc.
                       And that is how it all started.  I decided(The Good me or Bad me) one of us did.  Maybe both because we agreed.  to switch closets.  And so a week plus ordeal began.  

Last Saturday I completely purged this . . . 
And this . . . 
 And this 

And my creative space became his  'En Suite' . . . 
First Things first I went to the garage and dug out his coyote head.
I found a skull with antlers while I was there.  
Closet 2:
He has a collection of wooden duck decoys so I grabbed a few.
Closet Charlie:
And a photo of our grandson.   It's still a work in progress.  I have one shelf  left to purge.  You can barely see over on the left some of my stuff.
T:  T:
I moved his clothes in and the bjillion shoes.  At least part of them.
You thought I was kidding.  There is one more Ikea bag and two dry cleaners bags!  Right now they are just dumped on the floor
I still need to clean the space on the floor on the left.  Which is where I planned to put them but the Cowboy had another thought. 
                        Closet Chair:
I left my sewing table chair to give the Cowboy some place to sit to put on his shoes.  Or to ponder which pair to wear.  I brought in a pillow from the couch to make it more cozy looking. 

All this I did last Saturday afternoon while he was at work.  The night before I had the idea.  Our anniversary was Saturday and so I thought what a nice surprise for him.  He was speechless.  

I didn't get everything done I wanted to.  I wanted to put my wedding portrait on the shelf and couldn't find it.  And I wanted to put the Station Wagon replica of his 'new to him' daily driver and just didn't get around to it.  I figured I'd do it during the week. 

I went into his new space on Monday afternoon and look what I found . . . 
Great minds think alike!  He'd gotten the car from the living room. 
And added my baby pictures.  He couldn't find the wedding picture either!  

Over all I'm super happy with his new closet.  He has much more room and I think he's happier too.   

Now to get after my crafting space(s).  Time's ticking!  I hope to join Karen V. for Where Blogger's Create.  
                                     Where Bloggers Create
I hope you enjoyed the Cowboy's En Suite.  I'd love for you to leave a comment but blogger and/or google took my comments away. You might be able to click on the Google+ icon at the bottom of the post and comment over there. 
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