Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday Filled With Words

Forgive me friends for being a little AWOL this week . . . 
            My week started with 'Winging It' on Blue Monday.  
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             Which went real well but it went downhill from there.
Basically I was just really, really sad because I got word that I didn't get a job that I applied for a few weeks ago.  

I had been really, really hoping and praying for this 'office' job. 
I'm just really worn out from teaching preschool.  
Victorian Garden Lady Image!

And I was looking forward to Alot more money and wearing fun 
clothes again.  I'm a bit of a clothes horse and I've really missed 
being able to wear nice things. 

I was so hoping that I'd be able to work in an office again.  
I really needed the less physical demanding part of office work as opposed to working full time with preschoolers. 
Then on Tuesday I find out that the new insurance we had to get will cost us $200.00 a month more than what we were paying.
  Retro Bills Lady Clip Art

So I've begun looking again for a job.  

Vintage Typing Image!
Typing my resume and looking for anything that I can find.  Mostly in daycare because that's about all I can find.  I'm checking 
Craigslist hourly almost.  And a local church has a job board so I'm keeping an eye on it. (that's where  I found my last two jobs)

So I'm working as many hours as I can get.  And looking again 
When all I really want to do is this . . . 
Public Domain Hammock Image – Cute!
And this . . . 

                                          Free Vintage Images – Cake on Cake Plate
                                              I love cake!   

I hope you'll say a little prayer for me so I can get out of the Blues 
and back to me.  

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