Monday, November 2, 2015

One Word Blues

A collection Blues with one word captions . . . 
This blue was purely unintentional as scientists wanted to figure out a way to protect strawberries from frost and found that a gene in “Artic Flounder Fish” produced antifreeze properties to protect itself from freezing waters. The result of genetically modifying this gene created a shockingly blue fruit that can withstand very cold temperatures and won’t turn into mush in your freezers. >> That is craziness!:

Blue Velvet Cupcakes! I'm making these today, except I'm using a mini-muffin pan and calling them smurf cakes :) Huzzah! :):
Texas Sky:
Insider's Guide To 23 Fun & Cheap Things You Must See (& Do) When Visiting Denver - And Then We Saved:
         A Dirtroad to Heaven:
                      What would your captions be?
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