Friday, November 27, 2015

5 Minute Friday--Table

Welcome.  I'm joining Kate for 5 Minute Friday.
The challenge.  Writing from a prompt for only 5 Minutes.
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This table. It was bittersweet to get it back.  I love my table.
It spent a few years with our daughter.  She returned it after her divorce when she moved into an apartment.
Oh the stories this table could tell I am sure.
It remembers the years that we sat around it at Thanksgiving with The Cowboy not so silently tapping his foot.  Wishing the long feast would end so he and our son could jump in the truck and head for the woods.  
This beautiful old table knows stories that I don't even know to share with you. 
We bought it at an auction.  When it came up to bid we were crossing our fingers and praying.  Our prayers were answered we felt like we stole it!  We only paid $700.00.
It's one of those items that we need to take to Antique Road
Show.  We've never seen another one like it.  (I've searched a little but not too hard) to find out more about it.  
But I kinda really don't care what it's actually worth. 
To me it is worth millions.  
Oh yes there are stories.  Many more stories than I can tell in this limited amount of time.  
So, another day another story.  Hmm maybe more on Wednesday.

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