Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Homemaker Monday

Joining Sandra at Family Corner for Happy Homemaker Monday . . . 

The weather:::
Cold but not as cold as the weekend.  We've had rain too since last week. 

As I look outside my window:::
I think I've finished the lights.  Started them in the fridged weather last Wednesday because I wanted them up by Thanksgiving Day.  Still need to add snow to the patio and finish the display

Right now I am::: 
Trying to get my feet warm.  Just came in from finishing the lights. 

Thinking and pondering:::
About Christmas coming up so fast, I'm not sure I'm quite ready for it, to be honest. HeHe me too.  I start a new job next week.  Thinking about turning in my resignation tomorrow.

On my bedside table:::

On my tv this week:::
My favorite show is on break.I might see if there is a Hallmark or Lifetime movie to watch while I put up the tree.

Listening to:::
Christmas music on the t.v. music channel 

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Fetuccini Alfredo for The Cowboy Spaghetti for me,Salad,Garlic Bread
Tuesday - Pork Chops,Mashed Potato's, Green Beans
Wednesday -  Potato Gnochhi Soup and BLT's 
Thursday - Shrimp Fried Rice (from the leftover rice from Tues.)Beef w/Broccoli
Friday -  Kielbasa/White Bean Casserole and Hash Browns
Saturday - Playing by ear.  We usually try and buy a steak on Fri.
Sunday - Smorgasbord of family favorite finger foods
On my to do list:::

 Finish the decorating.  Finish commission quilt

Happening this week:::
Monday -  The day off.  Met with new job. Ironed out details. 
Tuesday - Turning in my resignation.  
Wednesday - Working on daughters gift, crochet gifts, blogging, finish decorations. Actually doing that all week.
Thursday - Going to Michael's for supplies for Daughters present                 
Friday - Just work maybe eat out for my bday.

What I am creating:::

Along with the presents I really want to make a few ornaments. 

My simple pleasure:::
Lunch with my daughter   

Looking around the house:::
Looks like Santa crashed into the living room!  Or maybe the elves their the ones that do the decorating I think. LOL. 
From the camera:::
I love bunnies.  This one came to school for Open House.  I'm really happy even though I have a sour look on my face.  Are you impressed I'm posting a photo of me?

Prayer List:::
My job dealing with ending and starting.

Bible verse, Devotional:::
This is a rough (very rough) draft sketch.  Part of my daughters Christmas present.

                         I hope your day is going great!  
                              Have a Wonderful Week!
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