Tuesday, November 24, 2015

My Kitchen Smells Heavenly

Oh my!  This is in my oven . . . 

I've mentioned my local Kroger is crazy with the markdowns.
This fabulous piece of fish was marked down to $7.29.

All I had to do was pop into oven.  And it is smelling divine!  

Not that we would eat the whole thing but for a meal if we did eat it all that's like really cheap per person. 

Really cheap is where I'm trying to go.  

We're blessed we can find bargains like this!

I'm serving broccolli on (on sale at Sprouts) and risotto.  My first time and not sure it'll be a keeper.  
Image result for delallo risotto
Also a bargain at .39.  I've had it in the pantry a few weeks not really sure what to do with it.  Sounded good and needed to use it. 
I just followed the box instructions and looks like regular 'ole rice to me 'cept cooked in chicken broth and onion.  We'll see.  

So if I was to count this meal in my spending $60.00 (if I was doing it) at the grocery I'd be at my target!  

I'm still debating what I can feasibly shoot for on the whole $60.00 challenge.  But it feels good to be trying!

Click here to read about the $60.00 challenge.

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