Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Touring My Friends Homes

I hope your week has started out Fabulous.  I miss the Fabulous Fall Party do you?  I can't get enough of that word.
So today I'm sharing my Fabulous Friends posts and home tours for Halloween week.
First the Fabulous Fabby.  You can visit her over at her blog Fabby's Living. (link following photos)
I love visiting her beautiful home.  This week she used some great black and white dishes for a fun
Halloween setting . . .

Look at that Fabulous table cloth!  And those fun napkins.  Very Halloween.

There are ugly spiders crawling all over her wonderful room.  I guess they want to party too!
Trust me there are lot's more Fabulous photos.  I won't take away the thrill for you.

Let's go over and visit my friend Debbie next.  She didn't just do the dining room.  She did the house and yard too!

There's a fun Jack-o-Lattern inviting you in.  Hold onto your hats friends.  Your in for a fun tour.

We'll start in the powder room with just a sneak peek . . .

Only a peek at each room.  You have to visit Debbie for the tour.

Everywhere you turn there are Creepy and fun displays.  I want to sit down in the dining room for dinner.

I wonder if she'll use her beautiful china or does she have something creepy she hasn't shown us yet?

And while we sit down for dinner she'll show us how she made all the Fabulous Decorations . . .

My friend Debbie is one crafty girl!

These are some Fabulous bloggers.
 Please visit Fabby at Fabby's Living and join Debbie over at here blog Debbie Dabble

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