Monday, October 19, 2015

Blue Monday

Blue Christmas crochet . . . 
               . . . just a little peek into my yarn basket
I fell in loooooooooove with this beautiful blue yarn.  It's really thin but crochets nicely. 
My Cowboy didn't like the colors together.  But he's a boy and it's for a girl. Hehe.  My daughter will love it. It's glitzy and blingy.  
I'll share more later when it's closer to complete. 

Wanna see a little more Blue before you go visiting over at Sally's?
Here are a few ideas for Christmas presents!
Blue Crochet Baby Blanket Teal Cream and Seafoam Zig by AllStuftUp, $57.00:
A simple Blue baby blanket. This one is sold but visit the Etsy shop for others.
Or make one yourself!  This is a simple pattern.  There are lots of patterns and tutorials on Pinterest.
't Bezige Bijtje: Haken - I TOTALLY want an afghan that's made like this.  Gorgeous and intricate and just a glorious use of yarn!:
This one reminds me of granny squares.  Which was my original thought for my daughter but I needed Fast!  Because crazy person that I am I want to make 3 blankets for Christmas.  And two I have to ship!  
Alaskan Blue Tunisian Crochet Blanket |
Gorgeous!  I seriously want to make this one.  Click on the source for the free pattern.  The pattern says its for the intermidiate crocheter. (is that a word)  I have a friend that would help me if I get stuck.  On the list for January.  Oh so pretty.

Well I am overwhelmed by all the beautiful Blue and I realize I really need to get into that basket so I'm to work on those Christmas presents. 

                                         Have a Good Day
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