Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Fall Mantle

The Cottage mantle is all ready for Fall  
The Welcome sign is out.  Come on in . . . 

The fun Welcome sign was a thrifted treasure. I paid a whole .99 at a local resale shop.  
It's hand made and I am sure someone put in a lot of effort.  It needed a a good home! It fit right in.

I wanted a shot to remember the flowers.  My sister gave them to me a few weeks ago.  They've lasted since September 16.  She was in town for our mothers birthday.  I cooked dinner for everyone and she graciously brought me this lovely bouquet.
Isn't the sign fun?  My sweet DIL made it.  She sent it along with 'dress up' photos.  I'll show them soon. 
Another shot with the almost spent flowers.  The leaf garland I paid too much for it at Big Lots a few years ago.  Before the days of Dollar Tree.  The crochet is actually a tunic I wear.  Well not for a while
I love the added texture and all smished and smushed up who would have known. 
One more shot showing my 'dumpster candle sticks' and yes BJ these were actually in the dumpster not beside it!  They were brown with some sad other colors of paint.  I left them that way for awhile and then assigned The Cowboy the job of painting them silver.  
The tall vase was a wedding present to my daughter from a dear friend.  She regifted it to me.  It was originally a very pretty blue.  But I love it silver.  She is clueless it was originally hers. 
I moved things around a little to get a good shot of the bird feeder (I think). Love it.  Not a dumpster dive but almost a neighbor was moving out of state and she gave me a bunch of stuff she no longer needed and didn't want to ship.  Poor little thing has been sitting in my garage.  It's kind of tall.  I originally tried it on the kitchen sink but it was too tall.  It fits the mantle perfectly. 

And one more shot.  I've never shared about the mirror . . . 
Gifted (under duress) from my MIL she was in the antique biz for a few years.  She bought it at an auction.  I begged for it forever and she finally gave it to me.  I also begged for every mantle she had.  She never found the need to let me have one
The Cowboy ended up buying this one last year for my bday.   I took the day off from work to go and pick it up with him.  It was a steal at $35.00.  I don't really think its old but it doesn't matter to me.

                         In any season.  I love my mantle.  
           Wait till you see what she looks like at Christmas!

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