Thursday, October 29, 2015

Festive Quilts

Welcome to the first ever My Journey Back Halloween Quilt show.
I've been visiting Pinterest on a search for festive quilts.
Mainly because this one caught my interest . . .

Witch Quilt:
I'm lovin' this cute little witch.  I'm definately making this one.   Look at the 3D legs on her!  Very nice quilting.
I thought she was sooooo cute I'd see what else I could find!
Happy Jack, 30 X 30", wall quilt/tablemat at Shabby Fabrics:
How fun and simple!
Quilting: Halloween Quilt  Easy Halloween quilt to make without a pattern - as long as you similar fabrics - or do you have a pattern?:
Oh my next one.  Isn't this cute and Ohhhh Sooo Simple!
This witch is a quilter--she's catching air on Flying Geese! From Irish designer Terri McNeill of terristudiodesigns.:
Oh my goodness.  Not a fan of the medalions on the borders but the rest is speaking to me. 
I love the flying geese.  

 I found this one when I looked for the above link . . . 
Adorable. I'm so glad that I found Pink Penguin.  A quilter I'll definitely visit often!  This quilt she found in a quilt shop.

New from Primitive Gatherings!  Lisa, I love this quilt..........simply marvelous!:
I shared this one a few days ago on another post.  Just in case you missed it.  I wanted to share it again!
Amazing Halloween Quilt that lights up! I hear Grandma Ginger has made a light up quilt!:
Yes those are really lights!  This is one amazing quilt.  It's actually a medium size wall hanging.
Wicked Mummy Block  Great Tutorial for a Mummy Block   by Julie at  That's Sew Julie:
So simple.  And so cute.  I love the how brave she was to venture out to a cemetery for the shot!
I love love love this quilt! Someday I will make one. Someday after I've learned how to quilt.:
Oh I really wanted to know more about this one.  The link was to a Flicker page.  I was intrigued because of the awesome spiral quilting.  And the applique.  This quilter is very talented.   Did you notice the cute pumpkin fabric?
Autumn, Halloween, Thanksgiving
What a fun monster!
Crystal Skull, 18 x 25", art quilt by Betty Busby
This was sold but the above link is to the Etsy shop.  I'm not a fan of skulls but this is an amazing quilt.  The quilting and the piecing is Fabulous.
Midnight at the Pumpkin Patch Kit seen on Quilter's Station website. Love the combo of quilting and wool applique. Reminds me of The Woolen Needle's Antique Star Blooms.:
               More my style.  Lovin' this one (the Pinterest link didn't work)
And last but not least.  This one is mine . . . 

I posted about this guy here.

I hope you enjoyed the festive quilt tour. I was inspired.  I am going to my sewing room and tackle that Scarecrow again.
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