Thursday, May 21, 2015

Alphabet Thursday "A" is for Apple

A few years ago my mother moved back to Texas.   It was a difficult and bittersweet move.  After 52 years
she was setting up house all alone.  There was a part of her that was a little giddy.  I talked to her several
times prior to her move and she talked about decorating her kitchen with apples.

Image result for vintage apple decor
I wish I had found this phone.  I can just see her sitting and chatting on an apple phone. Is this just not an adorable example of Apple decorating.  I found this when I googled Vintage Apples

Eventually her kitchen was filled with apples.  From canisters, to towels.  Of course there's a clock and a rug.  But I noticed there is no apron.  Now this is interesting because she makes and sells apron!  She just doesn't use on.

I got to wondering how many apple aprons I could find on Ebay.  Here are the results.
Vintage 1960's Colorful Red Apple Fruit Floral Cotton Kitchen Half APRON
This one looks like one my mother would make.  If she made Apple aprons. (Snicker) Click here to buy it on Ebay.  The description says it's from the 60's.

How about one a little older . . .
Red Apple Kitchen  Apron Vintage 1950's Handmade Adorable Never Worn!
I like the '50's version better.  Found here.
Red Bandanna Apple Print Handmade Vintage 1/2 KITCHEN APRON~Rockabilly~Retro 50s
Wow.  This one is supposed to be old too and it's only at .99!  Click here to bid.
Vintage Retro Red Black White Gingham Check Apple Rockabilly Glam Teacher Gift
Another old one.  Click here and here
Full Length Bib Apron White Green Red APPLES Room Essentials
Very cute I think for a newer apron.  Click here
All this talk about aprons makes me want pie . . .

Image result for apple pie Image result for apple pie

Linking this fabulous collection with Jenny for Alphabet Thursday.  Join us next week for letter B!

                                                       Happy Trails
                             Image result for horse eating an apple
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