Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordfilled Wednesday--We Call It Goulash

Thanks for stopping in to my Wordfilled Wednesday post.
This is the day that I write what randomly is rumbling around in
my head!  

You'll never know what! It's most likely a surprise.  Everyday is different in my hectic, chaotic world!

So how about talking about Goulash?  Because the other night I made the best Goulash I have ever made.  At least that's we call it.

When I was thinking about this post I couldn't help but remember the Dick Van Dyke episode when Laura and Millie were sharing recipes. 

I don't really remember exactly but I think it was something like Millie gave Laura the recipe but forget a special or important ingredient. 
Poor Millie.  So I am wondering did my mother forget an ingredient when she told me how to make Goulash.  Because I tell you what.  I have been trying for years to make it as good as hers and it never is! 

Now it could be that like Millie she might have innocently left something out because . . .

My sweet little mother is 88.  She'll be 89 in September.  And since she doesn't cook much anymore she might have forgotten a few things.  Like exactly how she made Goulash back in the day. 

And speaking of exactly what is Goulash? 

Well for our family it is a kind of hamburger pasta type dish with whole tomatoes. 

The next time I make it I am definitely going to take step by step pics so I can share it.  And archive it so my sweet daughter knows exactly how to make it! 

So how do you make Goulash? 

So Goulash to me is just old fashioned Family comfort food. 
Speaking of family.  One of my favorites things is Christmas with my family! 
Actually I just love Christmas.  Do you? 
I am calling all lovers of Christmas to join me for Christmas in
July--Count Down To Christmas.  I started a linky too!
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Link anything Christmas related.  A recipe (don't forget any ingredients), your Chirstmas Home Tour, or just your favorite pics! 
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