Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tips on Tuesday--The Christmas Book Edition

I know a lot of you are just not ready for Christmas!  

Things like getting Back to School,  Fall Festivals, Pumpkins
and then Thanksgiving have your attention.  Actually I can't wait for all these fun events! 

Back to school is just around the corner and so I was thinking about books.  

Today my tips are all about Books!

This idea I can't wait to start . . .

I have wanted to do this for years.  The idea is you buy 24 Christmas story books, wrap them and let your child open one each day until Christmas!  I figure if I really want to do it this year I need to start looking for great books!
I loved this idea for displaying the wrapped books!

I love this idea!  I have just the place for a book tree this year. 
I would love to do one in my classroom
Another favorite.  I would love to do this with my class.  What a cute photo shoot idea!  

And here's a different way to wrap books! 
Make some easy Christmas Bags to put those gift books in. I think they would be a great re-useable hit.
 My class would love these little bags!  Don't you just love the polka dots and stripes!

This one was another really cute idea . . .

Instead of chocolate wrap up all your christmas books and films then let your kids open one each night during advent. Such a fun tradition which the whole family will LOVE!
Instead of buying new books just wrap the ones you have!

The little fabric tree is so cute.  Brings back memories for me. My mother used to make these! 

And one more tree this ones a little different!
Could do this with the wrapped christmas book countdown...
I really can't decide which one I like best. Maybe I'll have to do both!

This is another one that is similar to something my mother used to do . . .

Creative "Try"als: Book Tree Tutorial - Is it too early for Christmas? - I could see this being made with colourful wrapping paper as well.
This idea is really cute. Mother use to make trees from magazines. Back in the day they really had lots of pages and made great trees. She spray painted them.

So do you have any cool ideas for Christmas?  Join me and
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