Friday, July 18, 2014

Five MInute Friday--Bloom

Joining Lisa Jo and her 'Flash Mob' of bloggers.  Writing from a prompt for 5 Minutes with no editing, spell check, backtracking, worrying. 

Today's prompt: Bloom


I rarely add pics to my 5 Minute Friday post but I  had to this time!  This quilt I called Bloom.
I made it for my daughter and gave it to her during the time she was filing for divorce. 
Of course it was a joy to make for her.   She was going through a really difficult time. 
I knew God had a plan for her and our grandson but when your in the middle of times like that it's just hard to see through to the other side and the good and wonderful things God has for you. 
Bloom where your planted is common saying.  We've all heard it.  And it is such an encouraging
idea.  Sometimes it is difficult to feel like you can Bloom when your in a bad or sad situation. 
Our daughter could have very easily 'given up' hope.  But she didn't she persevered and trusted God. 
She worked hard to be the best mother she could be.  Indeed she Bloomed in so many ways.
I told her last week that I am prouder of her than she knows. 
The last 4 years have been hard.  Very hard.  For a Christian it was difficult for her to even consider divorce.  Just as a person she didn't want to have that title.  But, God gave her the strength to take that step. 
God provided amazing opportunities for her.  A place to live.  An awesome job doing exactly what she wants to do.  She is definitely Blooming! 

And now after over 4 years of drama, stress and fear she is finally able to relax and Bloom where God has planted her. 
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