Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wednesday Filled With Words

When I first  began this blog a few years ago one of the very first
linky parties I joined was Wordfilled Wednesday the brain child of
Amy Deane.
Amy was so sweet to let me repost her wonderful illustrated photo's because way back then I didn't know how to put text onto my own.
Here's one I borrowed from Amy way back then . . .

This has always been one of my favorite verses.  It speaks to me.
I realize when I think on it that I want the desires of my heart to be those placed there by God. 
When I got to really thinking about this verse and looking at it from that perspective instead of thinking 'if I delight in God he'll give me what I want." things became clearer to me.

At least they did then.  Which I can't tell you when 'then' was but 'then' I realized it and 'then' I began working at delighting in God.
'Then' I made a big effort to prayer more; read His word more.  I made a huge effort to find out what 'Delight' is.  And do it. 

But now . . . I am kind of in a funk.  Yes funk.  That is the only word I can think of to discribe where I am right now. 

You see there was a time that I lived well not actually lived but really enjoyed being on this computer reading and visiting you all. 
I worked hard to write something that would encourage you.

I worked hard to find the right photo to try and illustrate with a beautiful verse.  Not that they in any way compared to Amy's or many others.  But I enjoyed it. 

Here's one of my favorites.  I enjoyed doing this one. But it took me hours! 
I just thought the photo was just really cool and I wanted to use it.   It spoke to me. 

The building old and run down was once a place of worship.  A place where people at one time came to worship and be fed.  Probably litterally.  It is the kind of place you expect to see dinner on the grounds regularly. 

But now it's doors are closed.  They are sagging and in need of repair.  Fresh paint.  Some nails here and there. 

But given the right opportunity this former place of worship could thrive again. 

And,  that is what I feel.  Even though I am in a funk.  And I don't know which direction God is leading me I know that given the
opportunity that I can do something constructive. 

I can do something good.

What it is I don't know. 

Will I keep posting here. 

The answer is yes.  Because I think that there is something about this place. 

I think that somehow maybe only once in a while something that is said here.  Or a photo that is published Blesses someones soul; raises someones spirit. 

May your sprit be Blessed today . . .

P.S. The last few years have been a struffle for me.  God has taken us down many roads.
And I think we have possibly unknowingly gone down a few that God didn't direct.  We have struffled greatly financially and we still do.  There have been many times during the last few years that I have had to take 'breaks' from this blog.  Not because I wanted to.  Or not because my spirit was lost.  But because we couldn't afford the inter-net.  Or because we had computer problems and I couldn't post. 
It was during one of these 'breaks' that Amy Deanne seemed to disappear from the blogging world.
I considered sweet Amy a friend and I miss her. 
I have tried to find Amy and haven't been able to. 
If anyone knows her and knows how to reach her would you let her know that her "Texas"  friend misses her.  And, would you send her a hug!

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Denise said...

I love you, and I am praying for you.